HAIR SAY With Deborah Culhane

John Cremin
Hair Cutters
28 Patrick's Quay,

I have to admit that I'm a creature of habit in many ways, like when it comes to hairdresser.

I got my hair cut short on a whim two years ago, I liked it and I have been going to the same hairdresser ever since.

So when I booked my appointment with John Cremin's Hair Cutters, Patrick Quay, Cork, it was with some trepidation.

My first impression of the hair salon was the friendly and easy going attitude, despite the fast blast of Friday night business.

The studio is very spacious, bright and well lit. The waiting area is comfortable, with a soft but firm sofa - not the type you need a crane to lift yourself out of.

And while I was not offered a cup of tea, the recent editions of informative magazines kept me amused.

My stylist was Michelle. She was friendly and professional and quick to understand what I was looking for and gave clear advice.

I am sure the male species wonfer why the female race spend "brown envelope" amounts of money on their hair. Well boys, it's all in the hair wash.

Nothing beats a stimulating scalp massage, hot to luke warm water running through your hair and all with your eyes closed. Money down the drain they say. Money well spent say I.

THe hairwash at John Cremins was just the trick. I was surprised my neck was so comfortable and drifted off into dreamland to the fruity aroma of hair salon shampoo. Later, while Michelle was busily snipping, a tall blonde swanned confidently into the salon. "I am really enjoying my hair," sheexclaimed to her stylist. She had especially returned to thank the stylist and leave a tip. Personally, I liked it as well.

Meanwhile Michelle chopped away happily. I could tell she was happy in her work, I wouldn't have been surprised if she started to hum. She gave useful advice on how to blow-dry my new hairstyle and shared a few professional styling secrets. "Gel would be very useful to texturise your hair." She advised to use just a little at the roots to give the body volume.

I left feeling a new woman, cetain that everyone on the stree noticed my new look.

That is what it is all about - that extra bit of magic.

Atmosphere and friendliness: Fabulous, there was even an ex-employee who had called in for a chat with other staff.

Value for money: $19, excellent

Overall rating: I'm a happy customer 9/10